As of 2018 there are over 100 instruments on 42 volcanoes.

Volcano List

Central America

Poás 10.20°N, 84.23°W Costa Rica
Turrialba 10.02°N, 83.77°W Costa Rica
Santa Ana 13.85°N, 89.63°W El Salvador
San Miguel 13.43°N, 88.27°W El Salvador
Fuego 14.47°N, 90.88°W Guatemala
Santiaguito (Santa Maria) 14.76°N, 91.55°W Guatemala
Popocatépetl 19.02°N, 98.62°W México
Colima 19.51°N, 103.62°W México
Masaya 11.98°N, 86.16°W Nicaragua
Momotombo 12.42°N, 86.54°W Nicaragua
San Cristóbal 12.70°N, 87.00°W Nicaragua
Telica 12.61°N, 86.84°W Nicaragua

South America

Copahue 37.86°S, 71.18°W Chile-Argentina
Isluga 19.15°S, 68.83°W Chile
Láscar 23.37°S, 67.73°W Chile
Llaima 38.69°S, 71.73°W Chile
Villarica 39.42°S, 71.93°W Chile
Galeras 1.22°N, 77.37°W Colombia
Nevado del Ruiz 4.89°N, 75.32°W Colombia
Cayambe 0.03°S, 77.99°W Ecuador
Cotopaxi 0.68°S, 78.44°W Ecuador
Sangay 2.01°S, 78.34°W Ecuador
Sierra Negra 0.83°S, 91.17°W Ecuador
Tungurahua 1.47°S, 78.44°W Ecuador
Sabancaya 15.79°S, 71.86°W Peru
Ubinas 16.36°S, 70.90°W Peru


Nyiragongo 1.52°S, 29.25°E Dem.Rep. Congo
Nyamuragira 1.41°S, 29.20°E Dem.Rep. Congo


Piton de la Fournaise 21.23°S, 55.71°E France (Réunion)
Hekla 63.98°N, 19.67°W Iceland
Katla 63.63°N, 19.08°W Iceland
Vulcano 38.40°N, 14.96°W Italy
Soufrière Hills 16.72°N, 62.18°W United Kingdom


Gamalama 0.80°N, 127.33°E Indonesia
Sinabung 3.17°N, 98.39°E Indonesia
Rabaul 4.27°N, 152.20°W Papua New Guinea
Mayon 38.40°N, 14.96°W Phillipines


  • The list of volcanoes with NOVAC instruments are constantly changing. The above is an approximate representation of known volcanoes with stations as of June 2018.
  • The volcano names link to the Global Volcanism Program page where more detailed information is available for the volcano.