Mobile DOAS 6.1 Released


Critical changes

  • Enable configuration and evaluation of second channel for spectrometers that support it (#8)
  • Removed support for text format configuration file.

New features

  • Start GPS – for reading GPS data; in debug mode only
  • Multiple reference files can be addeded or removed simultaneously through evaluation configuration dialogs
  • Legend for real-time route dialog (#67)
  • Remove extended format attributes in STD that were previously coded with 0. (#71)
  • Update Plume Height and Wind Measurement dialogs to read two evaluation logs (#73)
  • Warn user (audio and visual) when GPS connection is lost (#78)
  • Reduce number of spectra collected for characterization of the offset in adaptive mode (#87)
  • Option to disable audio in spectrometer configuration (#88)
  • Alter pitch based on column density, instead of volume, if supported by audio device (#88)
  • Use same tone for negative column values (#88)
  • Limit maximum exposure time in ‘adaptive’ mode to time-resolution of measurement (#100)
  • Support for QE65000 (#101)
  • Support user configurable range for saturation ratio in adaptive mode (#109)

Bug fixes

  • Ensure evaluation configuration dialog updates properly when adding/removing a new fit window
  • Attempt to reconnect when GPS connection is lost (#77)
  • Added GPS lat/lon validation (#81)
  • Fix for bad GPS date in STD files (#86)
  • Fix date in STD file from View Spectrometer Output (#104)
  • Restore ‘Dark’ tab in ReEvaluate dialog (#116)